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Richland, Washington, United States
About Me:

This is a bit of a novel but I'd rather it be out there than kept a mystery; I am a complete nerd and not afraid to show that side of me. It also means I am looking for a man with whom I can share that passion with. I am a gamer, an artist, an amateur photographer, a (sometimes) writer and an avid reader of sci/fantasy. The only card games I like to play have pictures and flavor text. I own every console but an xbone and my PC is a gaming rig. I don't enjoy being outdoors unless it is to paint/sketch and/or be at the zoo or a botanical garden. I inherited a love of hockey from my Canadian father but that's about the only sport I can watch. I am not a gym rat but someday I will do yoga regularly. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia which keeps me at part-time work status but since I've little debt and low monthly cost, I'm all good. I live with my sister and her family, fyi I am the best Aunt. I also come with two furbabies, my cats Gabe and Ollie.

I love a good conversation and I am extremely open to all topics, so say more than hello, ask me a question or tell me something interesting about yourself! I strive to always be communicating and consider myself to be level headed (sometimes too much so) and mature.

Who I'd Like to Meet:

I made a profile in hopes of finding someone who has perhaps been where I am or can imagine the struggles I may come across but is willing to be there as I journey back to the church. I want to find my best friend. I want someone who shares my passions, strengthens me where I am weak and makes me feel loved. I am an open person and strive to prioritize communication and healthy discussions and seek someone who feels the same. So yeah, there it is.

How I feel about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

Since I believe in being truthful and honest I write this knowing there will be some judgment and perhaps more than a few men turned away. I stopped attending church when I was 13. I am just now struggling to return to the church life. I never stopped believing in the gospel, Jesus Christ or my Heavenly Father. I know going to the temple and being sealed to my family is where I want to be but I also know it will be a true challenge for me to not give up and go back to the "easy" life. The only person making it hard is myself and I am very good at getting in my own way. I am reading my scriptures and trying to incorporate more gospel into my daily life. I would like to be worthy of receiving my patriarchal blessing this year and having that goal helps. I look forward to strengthening my commitment to the gospel and the Lord.