Meridian, Idaho, United States
About Me:

First off, I love playing tabletop rpgs (like dungeons and dragons, pathfinders, ect.)
a close second (that I find myself doing much more often) would be video games
I also enjoy making up song lyrics, writing poetry, and sometimes modifying art I find online.
I'll put things together and try to find ways around obstacles when I want to get something done. (so please, don't beat around the bush if you'd rather I'd not do something)

most importantly, I prefer to see eye to eye. This is less about agreeing and more about understanding each other. (often times, when I try to achieve this, it can sound like I'm trying to make it sound like I'm right... but I understand that I'm SO not right all the time.)

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I'd like someone who likes, or would be willing to try tabletop rpgs... Beyond that, I'd prefer a few of these boxes to be ticked. someone who doesn't find deep conversations off putting. Someone willing to talk about scientific and fantastical theories with someone who has NO scientific background. someone who enjoy's reading poetry and working with me on making a song sound right. someone who enjoy's playing co-operative video games.

I will admit that I have little experience in dating... so I guess a good first date would need to be discussed. we could probably discuss videogames, and maybe tabletop rpgs. other suggestions would be welcome too.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

I was born to a family that raised me in the gospel... Like many such people, I grew up hearing all the stories, but... after a time, I decided the church wasn't me... I upheld most the standards though... no alcohol, drugs, adulatory ect. but, while I held onto this, I still lost control of my life, and found it passing me by with no progress.

One day, I returned to the church with a brother who had never given up... When I saw a picture of Christ on the wall... I could not look at it without feeling bad... That was when it all changed... I bowed my head in prayer, not because I felt I had no other choice as I had previously... but because I wanted to be better...

my journey back has not been perfect, despite my expectations... I fell back a few times, but I believe I am stronger because of the trials that I have been put through... Both when in faith, and in rebellion. I see heavenly father's hand in my life, and I sing, study, and pray every day.

I know life on earth isn't easy, but it is what is needed. I will be loyal to my friends, and help them in their trials, and rejoice with them in their triumphs, and I would be glad to have another friend till it is time for more.