Fallon, Nevada, United States
About Me:

Adventure is out there!
I'm a Registered Behavior Technician (I do behavior therapy for kids with autism spectrum disorder). Someday I'd like to run a school but I'd be just as happy as a stay at home mom I think it's important to be flexible and do whatever is best for the family at any given time. Family is very important to me, my goal in life is to have an eternal temple marriage to a man who can help me raise beautiful children in the gospel. I don't care much for looks, the most important thing to me is that we can laugh together. With laughter and love I believe a couple can over come anything. I love camping, visual arts of all kinds, acting and watching plays, cooking/baking, volunteering, and reading. I can be very shy and don't usually like big crowds, but I definitely like when people help me break out of my shell. I'm quite the fan girl and would love to find a fanboy or just someone who will cuddle and watch Netflix with me. I have a bit of a snarky sense of humor I've been told. I have a golden retriever named Patronus and I love pretty much all animals.
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LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I'm definitely looking for someone who knows that life has ups and downs as does relationships and marriages. I know things aren't always perfect but I'd love to be with someone who laugh with me until we get through to better times. I'm here for you during the highs and lows of personal life, professional life, etc and I'd hope to find someone who's equally as patient and dedicated to an eternal companionship. I love kids so you if you have any that's more than ok with me. I have siblings who've gone a little wayward and one identifies as transgender so it's important to me that I'm with someone tolerant and accepting to those who may have varying beliefs because I spend a lot of time with family and I'd hope for everyone to get along.

I feel like with the right person everything is an adventure, so I'm not too picky about dates. I think we can make the most of anything it doesn't have to be grandiose or expensive. My favorite date I've ever been on is tied between mini golf and and arcade or the time I helped someone go shopping for socks.

Church of Jesus Christ:

My family joined when i was around 4 or 5, but I like to say I was converted in my teen years. I gained a testimony mostly through Girl's Camp, and I don't know what I would've done without it. I have had a lot of trials but Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother have helped me through them all. My testimony is very strong and unshakable. The best way I feel I can live my life in a Christ like manner is to love one another, I tend to be very accepting and show my love of people from all lifestyles as I believe that's what heavenly father has asked of me.