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Finsbury Park, Manor House, London, United Kingdom
About Me:

I would say I am passionate about life and always enjoy experiencing new things. Even though I am less than musical myself, I love discovering new artists and going to small concerts.

I am loving my life down in London, although I couldn't stay here forever, right now it is a great place to be. I love discovering new parts of London and finding fun, free activities to do! But my passion lies in travelling (Cliche but true!), experiencing cultures and humanitarian aid.
I love the Gospel and the peace it brings to my life.

I love the small things in life e.g. walks in the park, mail, laughing with friends, girly pamper evenings, getting messy on adventure weekends, watching people on the tube and wandering what their story is, karaoke nights, spending time with family, laughing at memories of my nan, big family do's, over-hearing someone say something nice about you, holding hands, a kiss in the rain, playing with a child in church, listening to uplifting music, feeling happy for no particular reason, duvet days with lots of rom-com movies and ice cream, visiting parts of Europe for a long weekend, giggling when you're not supposed to, drinking hot chocolate in a small coffee shop, over-taking someone at traffic lights, bubble wrap, long hot baths and changing in to clean PJ's and clean bed sheets :)

Who I'd Like to Meet:

Someone who also has a passion for travelling and humanitarian aid, this is important to me.
Im looking to meet someone who can teach me new things but who is also willing to learn from me, someone who I can be myself around, be able to laugh with and talk about anything with (serious or not!).

Honesty is very important to me and although it may seem obvious, I want someone who knows how to communicate and listen.

I find kindness very attractive in a man and who can show affection and love easily, not just to me, but those around him.

I'm not looking for anyone perfect or who hasn't had troubles in their life, but someone who is trying harder everyday to be better and to live the Gospel. Someone I can grow with in the gospel.

I guess I'll know more once I find it :)

How I feel about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

I've had my struggles, but I love the Gospel, more so, my Heavenly Father and my Saviour - I guess my testimony is personal, but I couldn't be without it,

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