Saint David, Arizona, United States
About Me:

My passion right now are the words of Christ and of Isaiah in the Book of Mormon. I love innovative endeavors in business and growing food. I am an engineer and business owner by profession and a farmer innovator by choice. I love reading and study and creative thinking and conversation. I love an excellent concert and a competitive ballgame. I love to travel and explore new things and places. I have done agricultural consulting in most of the countries of the Americas and several countries in Europe. I speak Spanish as well as I do English. Am always amazed at new home grown innovative solutions, methods, and perspectives that I experience on these trips.
I like a hard workout at the gym. I still imagine myself as an athlete. Can no longer dominate the court as I once did, but I can still hold my own in a pick-up game. I am a wholehearted follower of the entirety of the Word of Wisdom. I eat a wholefoods, plant based diet most of the time. I don't make a big deal about it. I'll gladly enjoy meat when other options are not available. A year ago I took a clinical biological test because I wanted to see the effect of my lifestyle on my physical aging. The results were astonishing. Diligent, consistent care of our physical body temple is so worth it as also it is to nourish our spirits.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I seek a relationship with a Godly woman who loves the Lord, with whom I can be yoked together and pull together and do much good. I seek a woman who can love and be loved. Who seeks truth. Who loves to go and do things and has depth of character. With whom I can explore any topic and in whose arms I can relax in silence. There are still a ton of places that I want to visit and experience and explore. Most of my travels have been alone for business. I hope to share future travels and experiences with a soulmate - to spend an evening at a quaint restaurant seated together in view of a colonial plaza with the piano playing in the background or witnessing a sunrise on a warm tropical beach with the waves lapping at our feet.

Church of Jesus Christ:

I am guided and driven by faith and spend much time in the scriptures. I love the depth and clarity of Isaiah in the Book of Mormon along with Christ's commentary as also that of Nephi and Jacob. Faith is not blind. Faith for me is a principle of action based on evidence but not having a complete knowledge. To me, faith is synonymous with the scientific method. As I humbly and diligently pursue by faith the truth concerning any idea or claim or dogma or pursuit, I have found that my original causation or hypothesis eventually is decisively confirmed or discarded. In this process I have found incredible power and gratitude for the order of the universe, the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the sophistication, pure love, and reliability of the great creator and Father of us all. I concur with Sister Julie Beck, "Qualifying for, receiving, and acting upon personal revelation is the single most important skill that can be acquired in this life." By faith I now put myself out there on this dating site with a bit of trepidation. No doubt the Spirit will guide my path and that of my future soulmate together in the due time.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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Temple Recommend 
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Body type:
6' 4" 
Caucasian (white) 
Social Setting:
Home body 
Classical, Jazz 
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Political Views:
Family, Gardening, Health / Fitness, Playing sports, Religion, Theater, Travel, Watching sports 
Home and family
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Have kids:
Yes - at home part-time 
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With kids 
More than $150,000 
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Master's degree 
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