Meet Geoff , 52, Man from California, United States and other LDS singles.


Concord, California, United States
About Me:

Everyone has a story, I don't do fiction -  or waste time. I'm divorced 14 years ago, with 2 daughters away at school - UNLV. I work for a large tech company that rhymes with Noodle and helps us find things. I like to travel, code software, and debate/defend conservative values with my co- workers with one arm tied behind my back, listening to country music, simultaneously.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

Attractive (very subjective with me, beauty is somewhere or everywhere in God's creations), real, honest woman into improving themselves with me on the ride of life.

Church of Jesus Christ:

Things are getting real these (last?) days. I feel humbled to be alive during the last days. The pioneers pushed handcarts and their loads were lightened. This happened with slaves in the Book of Mormon as their burdens were lifted. Each day we can have our loads lifted, if we choose to let God lead the way.