North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand
About Me:

I like a quiet life without hassles. Being loved has far greater value than being rich and famous. Giving is so much more fun and rewarding than receiving. I'm much more comfortable in the wilderness than a shopping mall. I enjoy healthy, simple food and the company of my friends. I prefer to think and express my own thoughts rather than recite the words of others.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I'm looking for an easy going low stress woman who likes to keep herself beautiful for her man and her home clean and tidy. Her open personality makes it easy for her to accept her husband's friends and family. She has a knowledge based experiential faith and testimony that helps her remain positive and trust in God even amongst the cruelty and chaos of mortality. She is gentle, kind, compassionate with a refinement that is evident and instantly lovable. She quietly lives and loves the Gospel.

Church of Jesus Christ:

The Church is true. In a world of lies where every truth is distorted the only safety and surety is to be found in the Church.