Marshfield, Missouri, United States
About Me:

I like a lot of things from activities like volleyball to art and historical museums. Love music, movies, nature, taking walks, sunsets and many other things

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

Worthy members who strive to prepare themselves for a Temple Marriage and look for eternity. Willing to work side by side with their spouse to unite as one heart and one mind; united in the bonds of love.

For both, I look for three things

One, we need to be comfortable around each other
Two, we need to be able to communicate together
Three, we need to have fun together

Let's see how this journey can go.

Church of Jesus Christ:

What i love about the Restored Gospel is knowing we are Children of God, the blessings of the Atonement and with the help of Jesus Christ, we can be perfected.

I love the knowledge we can get through Personal Revelation through the Gift of the Holy Ghost. The blessings of the Priesthood. Temples to learn more.

In short, I am grateful for all of the Gospel.

If you want to know more about my testimony, favorite scriptures, and stuff, feel free to ask.