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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
About Me:

I'm a active member in the Church and am looking for someone the sweeten my life up with their love and compassion towards me and have the same done unto them. I feel ready for the next step into my eternity with my possible eternal companion. I honestly am wanting to find my true love that I can grow and walk along the straight and narrow path with. I am 6 foot 4 tall and 21 years old, I am a full blown Australian mate lol. I like classic music and occasional scary movie to watch. I am currently working as a nurse assistant, pays okay, i will be looking to further my knowledge possible someday with the help and support of a wife. I like to take things slow and steady so I can adapt to the surroundings whatever they may be. overall I just want to meet a girl and fall in love <3 start a family and over time have a great happiness in the gospel of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.

Who I'd Like to Meet:

I would like to meet a women that is somewhat tall like me and enjoys dinners and going out on occasions such as going to the movies, theme parks, skydiving, and other activity's, I would like for my future wife to have a Christlike love and compassion towards fallen soldiers of the gospel as I am the youngest active member in my family. I want a beautiful heart more then anything else, i being 100% in the saying man looketh upon the outward appearance but god looketh upon the heart. Someone I can hold to be mine and adore for all my days. Also has to be okay with a clingy guy at times ;)

How I feel about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

I have a strong testimony about the gospel and how its made become a greater man of god and brought me out of sticky situations and its a joy to know I can spend time with someone for eternity. I believe the priesthood witch I hold is a power given directly from god to me. its a great joy and comfort to my soul as I live the gospel with all my heart.