Schieren, Diekirch, Luxembourg
About Me:

I have no children and I have not been married yet.
I am currently following pathway with the intent to do college at BYU next year.

I am a traditionalist and I like to be around nature.
I don't need much to be content. Except that I am open for all kind of fun activities.
I love snowboarding, hiking, crafting, music, and all kind of tabletop or card games.

I speak 4 languages quite fluently and I'd love to learn a new language. I speak:
French (mothertongue),

I have not served a mission but I would be happy to do so later on with my future wife if she wishes to as well.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I am looking for a simple woman that wishes to have a serious and long lasting marriage with a big and happy family.

When dating I look for your heart and not your facade. I don't put much value on modern etiquette, to me the most valuable quality is to be genuine and honest.
As a first date I would chose to meet either at a bigger church event or having a walk or picnic in nature.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

Growing up in the church here in europe and especially in my country has been a very special blessing. I grew up in a very close community in which everyone knew everyone and I had a lot of friends back then.
It really has given me the foundation of who I am today and how much I value my lifes purpose to learn about God and his plan for us.
It has always been a dream of mine though to be in a bigger comunity where there are more members and where there is more life, more events and gatherings.

My current favorite verse is 2Nephi 9:28, because it is so relevant today in a world that is becoming crazier every year.

My biggest wish relating to church is to get married in the temple and to have a happy famliy.