Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
About Me:

I became a widower last fall after 24 years of marriage. My late wife and I have six children. the youngest is now a ten-year-old girl in 5th grade. Her youngest brothers are a twelve-year-old boy in 7th grade and an 18-year-old boy who will graduate from high school in the Spring. My origins are in Nevada. I came to Maryland for graduate school, and returned in 2004 for the job I have now. My field is fluid dynamics (the motion and forces of flowing air, water, or any other fluid). For a twenty-year period starting when I was 25, the ward leaders in four states (New Mexico, California, Michigan, Maryland) saw me as one they should ask to be a cub scout leader most of those years.

My main hobby seems to be fixing things around the house. There is plenty that needs to be done, and fortunately I do like doing such tasks. I have never bought a new car, leveraging my advantage of being capable of replacing worn parts, most recently the front strut assemblies on my son’s vehicle and a drive axle on my Accord. Last Sunday I made yeast doughnuts for the first time because a friend craved maple-glazed but couldn’t find any; that was fun. I enjoy live music and wish I went to more plays; a minimalist concert in Rockville and Stoppard’s Arcadia in Greenbelt are marked on my calendar for spring 2020. Camping and hiking had been frequent activities throughout my life, but haven’t happened since camping by a lake in South Carolina for the 2017 eclipse. I have enjoyed dance, doing and watching performance. I don’t follow spectator sports much except that when the Nationals drafted Strasburg and then Harper, I allowed myself to be drawn in, and now I enjoy listening to a lot of games, following the box scores, and make it the ballpark about once a season. Perhaps owing to being a westerner, I enjoy long drives, and to remind myself of my home state and my grandparents, I have been growing pomegranates, with mixed success.

Who I'd Like to Meet:

Being married was good, and at this time it feels like it would be good to marry again if I am fortunate to meet someone I come to like, come to care about, come to trust, who finds she is experiencing similar things regarding me.

I desire a companion to counsel with who will embrace being a mother to my children and a grandmother to the generation to come.

How I feel about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

I am thankful to have received the gospel of Jesus Christ, to know the need for a redeemer and the way to be one of his. Guidance of the church has shaped my life and benefited me tremendously. The many changes in the church of the last year and a half have sometimes been hard for me to take, perhaps something like what the saints in Nauvoo experienced, challenged with how much more they were willing to accept through Joseph Smith.

Temple Status:
Temple Recommend 
Church Attendance:
5' 10" 
White / gray 
Home and family
Marital status:
Have kids:
Yes - at home full-time 
Want (more) kids:
Not sure 
Living situation:
With kids 
Looking For:
$100,000 to $149,999 
Professional life
Employment status:
Technical / Science / Engineering