Croydon, Surrey, United Kingdom
About Me:

Im extremely happy, content, loving and strong in my spiritual connection, faith and the church. I’m spontaneous, determined, entrepreneurial and my biggest passion is self development .. learning how to continue to become more loving, happy and emotionally/spiritually free and helping others to feel the same.

I’m a recent convert from atheism, I was baptised in a lake in Georgia US March 2017 (it was freezing, but stunning) ... I was extremely lost prior to my conversion; I was hurting and felt painfully lonely and worthless and I unknowingly numbed my pain through a myriad of addictions including obsessively chasing the pursuit of money and status, all of which I am now free of. Following my own miraculous conversion and healing journey, I now run a non-profit healing community coaching people to find happiness and find the light to pay it forward. I also invest in property and travel the world, both which I have a big passion for

Who I'd Like to Meet:

I currently live and want a miraculous and extraordinary life where I am physically/emotionally free to live abundantly in serving, loving, spirit and building a happy healthy family - so I am looking for someone who is aligned spiritually/emotionally and is passionate about self development, learning, growing and is up for creating an extraordinary (not ordinary!) loving life together. No small ask right? I am content on my own, but having a partner to serve, create and share this dream with has the potential to be pretty powerful, special and purposeful. I’d love to do the Lords work hand in hand with a best friend and eternal partner.

How I feel about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

Forever thankful I found my way home, to the Church and to Heavenly Fathers loving arms. I am a very active member, with a stake and ward calling. I look forward to marrying in the Temple and bringing up happy, love filled children in The Church