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Abbey Wood, London, United Kingdom
About Me:

My name is Scott Harden,i am proud parent with a very handsome boy of 5 years old named Travis,i am easy to get along with,I am always fun to be with..I am 6"1 inches tall, 205 lbs..As you can see,i am handsome but my beauty on the inside is far more than what i portray on the outside..If you get close to me,you would know how i really am..I'm physically strong but my heart is completely the opposite of what my physicality says..I have a very soft and fragile heart,i love easily and i have so much passion,which is why i seem to get hurt every time but i am blessed with one thing i am happy for..I get up easily after been hurt coz i believe there are still good woman out there who are just like myself..I am never giving up at any point in time..I wont say i'm good but i know i'm good.Like my Late father do say,"a good food wont say i'm good,you ll know by the taste"..I got more in me and i am not too much on description but can tell anything asked..I don't have any problem telling someone how I feel about them or showing them how I feel.. I am a compassionate caring, and giving man and look for the same qualities in a woman.There is more to a book than just the cover..

Who I'd Like to Meet:

Am looking for someone who is Honest, Likes to have fun, Caring, likes surprises, someone who doesnt mind age, straight forward.. practical safe jokes, Doesn't mind holding hands or walking arm-in-arm in public, Be considerate of others, and knows when to hold and re-assure their mate. These are some of the traits that I have and would like to find someone with the same traits. I firmly believe that in order to a lasting relationship, two people must first become friends. There should not be a one way street between them. A relationship is always a two way agreement. there will be times that one will need to use the one way only for a litle while, and the other will also have that same ability.There should not be any secrets from one another. And no matter what, there should not be any lies.. and afterwards if they eventually do get along well it lead to an everlasting ( joyful ) bond ( marriage)

How I feel about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

Our first responsibility and purpose is to testify of Jesus Christ to a world that suffers to know of His divine mission. As my response to that great responsibility, I will speak about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the only true and living Church.