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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
About Me:

I am fun and outgoing with a wacky sense of humor. I enjoy my time with my family. I like to travel but haven't had much time to do this raising a family on my own. I like reading, baking, cooking, music, dancing and socializing. I also love the theater, going to the movies, and walks along the beach.

Who I'd Like to Meet:

Someone with a strong testimony of the Church and who has a great sense of humor. Someone who be an equal partner in life emotionally and spiritually. I do have a wacky side and love to have fun so I am trying to find that person who will be my balance.

How I feel about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

I love the Church and have a strong testimony of the Church. It is the core of my family values and knowing that I am a daughter of our Heavenly Father and that the Savior through the atonement allows me to fulfill my journey through life to one day live with my Heavenly Father is wonderful. I feel privileged and honored to be a member of his church.