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Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
About Me:

I live in a little City in Canada. After immigrating from South Africa in 1994, I have lived in a dozen places around here and attended several schools, moving around to three different schools. It was always easy for me to make friends and but not so easy to lose them as I moved from place to place with my family (who are also members). After two failed marriages due to suicide and violence. My outlook for love is bleak, but I know there is someone for everyone. I have a kind heart and strive to better myself each day.

Who I'd Like to Meet:

Someone who is confident, responsible, understanding. Personality is key, although I won't lie, a nice smile and great eyes always helps. :-) Someone who can sit down and communicate, but also someone with great values and strong faith.

How I feel about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

I testify that since I have been a member of the Church, I have gained blessings, witnessed miracles, and was saved countless times through the power of Heavenly Father. I believe in our living Prophet Thomas Monson, and also acknowledge the works of Joseph Smith, who was visited by Moroni to help lift the dispensation and bring back the full Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Savior whom I love and respect with all my heart and soul.Amen