Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
About Me:

I was born in Kansas, joined church as a teenager, widower, have 5 kids, 13 grandkids and 3 great-grandkids, semi retired, work part time as a delivery driver. Hobbies: restore classic cars, love to read, like to travel but no desire to go outside the US, enjoy good movies, have a pretty good size collection of videos, love music(oldies, classical, older western, a few current artists, some jazz, basically like everything but rap, blues and hard rock, like very little of the current rock singers.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I would like to meet a woman between 60 and 72 who is active and would like to have a man in her life who would treat her like the daughter of God that she is. The ideal first date, a session in the Temple followed by a nice dinner or lunch where we can talk. I do not like texting but will use email and talk on phone after we have established that neither of us is a scammer. I would like a woman who is capable of loving me as I love her, who has a strong testimony of the gospel and Jesus Christ, likes to talk, read together and be a part of a happy loving couple.

Church of Jesus Christ:

I gained my testimony through an in depth study of the Prophet Joseph Smith, the scriptures and conference talks. I have served in the SL Temple for almost 18 years as an ordinance worker and a recommend desk worker. I look forward to the time I can meet the prophet Joseph and thank him for getting the church started and for being true to the light he was given. I also want to kneel at the Savior's feet and bathe them with my tears in gratitude for his sacrifice and resurrection which opens so many doors to us in the eternities as well as here in mortality. Having dated and communicated with LDS women on other sites, I want each woman who looks at this to know that I know how to keep my hands to myself. Some expressions of love are reserved for when a marriage occurs if it does. I was surprised at how many of the LDS women on other sites had problems with men who said they were active in the church but did not live like they were. You have my permission to make me prove all that I say about treating you like God expects His Sons to treat His daughters.