Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
About Me:

I love learning... whether it be a visit to a museum, reading a book, or through a quick fact check on wikipedia...
But I prefer "learning by doing,"
by building, repairing, restoring, or creating something... Or, traveling to another country & learning about a new culture... or, by visiting a National/State Park, or wilderness area... or, by experiencing a slot canyon in southern Utah.
There is always something new to learn or experience... & oftentimes, we learn something unexpected about ourselves in the process... and, each other...

I've traveled to dozens of countries, on six of the seven continents. I speak Spanish fluently & have traveled to Spain and through much of Latin and South America, including Easter Island (a fantastic place, btw). Lately, my travels have taken me closer to home around Utah & the surrounding states. Usually, I travel alone, or with friends... however, lately I feel very compelled to find that 'certain someone' or 'eternal' travel companion...
& I hope that 'certain someone' is reading this now...?
If that 'certain someone' is you, please send me a message... even just a simple hello,
and our adventure begins...!

I love the outdoors and I am well-equipped to travel & camp year round, anywhere I...
& soon, we... choose to go... safely & comfortably.
I've climbed, hiked, skied, trekked and been scuba diving all over this amazing planet & I have much left to do on my bucket list, including visiting Antarctica, the Galapagos, & Lake Baikal in eastern Russia. Hopefully, there will be enough time.

I realize we're in the last... of the last days, & time is short. Therefore, I've also been preparing for the difficult times ahead of us...
yes, I'm a bit of a prepper...
not a 'doomsdayer,' but a positive, optimistic realist (there's a difference).

Like you, I have a range of interests that we can discuss & compare notes on, as well as share good travel & adventure stories. I'm confident we'll find many common interests, but I do hope camping & hiking in the outdoors are on your list, as well...?

Unlike most men I know, I'm quite domestic...
I enjoy cooking & I'd love to cook for you.
I'm also a jack of all trades... I can use a skilsaw & have all the right tools to do the job. Plus, I clean & pickup after myself, & don't hesitate to pitch in when needed. I enjoy being of service... both at home, at Church, and in the community.

Lastly... I'm a bit of a movie junkie, & before covid, I attended many Sundance premiers.
I write stories & have a few ongoing projects...
but enough about me,
I want to hear about you...?

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

A woman that's real... authentic... a kid at heart, someone that still has a childlike sense of adventure and puts it to great use... someone with a wanderlust... someone that loves family and enjoys being a woman, along with all the wonderful attributes that entails.
Someone that communicates & expresses herself. And above all, someone that is kind & considerate... she says what she means, means what she says, and does what she says she'll do. Just like me.

Yes, of course I'm not perfect... far from it.
I'm not looking for flawless... but I would like to meet someone that takes pride in who she is and is intent on living a healthful lifestyle and being active. Someone who seeks truth, and is actualizing truth in her life, both spiritually and temporally...
In the challenging times ahead, a little determination and grit will go a long way, so strength of character is a plus...
We're not under-acheivers, after all!

Also, a good overlap of interests can't hurt...
but I'm all in for someone that has different things she's passionate about. I'm very secure in who I am, and I'm very respectful of the strong, outgoing, intelligent woman you are. I'll be the first to join in to celebrate your successes... and console you when you stumble. And I'll always have your back, either way! I'm all about helping you to realize your dreams...
& our dreams... hand in hand & side by side... together... forever!

My idea of a great first date would be to hike to a high, beautiful viewpoint, enjoying intelligent, fun & interesting conversation along the way.
Then enjoy a sunset & moonrise...
Perhaps followed up by ordering a pizza & watching a classic old western, or a chick flick... yes, I admit it, I like chick flicks... (long as it's not too cheesy).

Church of Jesus Christ:

About 5 years ago, I received a (personal) spiritual impression (see... Helaman 5:30), which inspired me (after years of inactivity), to reconcile with Christ & His Church. Consequently, as a result of the experience, I have a renewed passion for the gospel & it's simple truths...
I know what it's like to have been in a dark place...
fortunately, the atoning sacrifice of our Savior and His gospel, brought me back into the light with renewed passion and determination to be a better disciple every day...
My experience has set the tone for me, for the rest of my life.

Seems I find a new favorite scripture or gospel truth weekly... I've always been partial to D&C 76:22-24... I know that Christ lives, and I know He has a real purpose for us... you & I.
I think the better question is...
what are your favorites & why...?
What background, trials, and spiritual experiences make you... you?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Temple Status:
Prefer not to say 
Church Attendance:
Body type:
5' 10" 
Light brown 
Caucasian (white) 
Social Setting:
Somewhat shy, Better in small groups 
TV watching:
Movies, News junkie, Sports nut 
Blues, Classical, Classic Rock, Eighties, Electronic / Tecno, Punk, Reggae, Rock n Roll, Seventies, Sixties, Soft Rock 
Sense of humor:
Friendly, Clever / Quick witted, Dry / Sarcastic, Campy / Cheesy 
Political Views:
Middle of the road 
Art, Church activities, Church / Community service, Cooking, Dancing, Dining, Family, Gardening, Health / Fitness, Listening to music, Movies, Photography, Playing sports, Playing music, Reading, Religion, Theater, Television, Travel, Visiting the temple, Watching sports 
Home and family
Marital status:
Single / never married 
Have kids:
Yes - but not at home 
Want (more) kids:
Not sure 
Living situation:
Looking For:
Serious Relationship 
Professional life
College grad 
Employment status:
Entertainment / Media