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San Antonio, Texas, United States
About Me:

I'm an easy going country gal who loves to be outside and it doesn't matter if it's working or having fun. I'm dedicated, honest, responsible, and take pride in my work and do my best at everything I do. If I say I'll do something, you can expect it will happen. Haven't found anything I can't do, but I miss companionship and someone to share my life with. I can dress up and go out, but I prefer Wranglers and a comfy pair of boots.
I grew up in Idaho on a potato farm – yes, I’m the farmer’s daughter your mother warned you about and I’m very proud of it! I’ve been in San Antonio for 8 years and love it here. Everyone tells me I’m a Texan at heart!
Animals are one of God’s gifts to us and I love them all… Horses are my passion – life without them just isn’t the same but I hope to have one again soon. Taking care of them is almost as enjoyable as riding them. Really enjoy trail riding and seeing the country but team penning is the greatest!
My latest venture has been kayaking on the Texas rivers and lakes and thankfully I haven’t run across any snakes yet. Spending time at the rifle/pistol range and the shotgun range is also something I really enjoy. My bucket list includes involvement with the Cowboy Mounted Shooters and/or possibly the Single Action Shooters.
There's nothing quite like a good outdoor barbeque or dutch oven dinner on a warm summer evening and watching the stars come out with that special someone. I do enjoy an occasional night out on the town but spending time in the great outdoors with someone special is my preference.

Who I'd Like to Meet:

This is always a tough question. Just when you think you know what you want in a companion, you meet someone that doesn't quite fit your criteria and believe it or not, you learn there is something else you like and your criteria changes. I believe dedication, honesty, being responsible and taking pride in everything you do are traits of a great foundation to any relationship whether it be friendship or something more.

How I feel about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

I believe The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the one and only true church. My biggest desire is to be with my Father in Heaven and my family for all eternity. I can't imagine anything less. I've had some challenges in my life but prayer has been my direct line to my Father in Heaven and I know he loves me and is always there for me.