West Jordan, Utah, United States
About Me:

Well, whats there to say here that any other profile says? Im a single mom of a 4 year old boy. Hes the center of my life. No, i do not talk to his dad, yes my boy has step sisters. They still call me mom so i do call myself a mom of 3. I use to love to go to movies, shopping, dining....but oddly ive been more happy being up in the mountains climbing or hiking or biking. I miss going to movies. But the one good thing about Covid is my new love for the outdoors.
I have tattoos, multiple piercings in my ears, a nose ring. But i still hold my testimony. I take my son to church or we get at home sacrament. Im not great at building things but i love trying to make my boy a playhouse fort, parents a garden and sitting area. I need someone who knows the struggle of single parenthood. Someone non judgmental, patient, an active member, supportive and loving. I dont mind if you have kids and im open to having more

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

Lol i think i put that in “about me ”section”.
I like adventures, i like surprises, i like romance, i like boring nights and i like noisy nights. I just want a partner. I hate to say this, but yes, someone with a job. Ive had 2 bad experiences.

Church of Jesus Christ:

I dont think i need to put it out there. Things are personal, when the time is right we can talk about this