Angier, North Carolina, United States
About Me:

I’m a widow ,I have 2 children- romantic, love to walk arm in arm, kind, direct, warm, physical, passionate, impulsive, like to surprise, and to treat others well, try to ’look at the bright side of life’ . I hate injustice. I’m a good and loyal friend that doesn’t disappear just because things get a bit rough in life. And I have a good sense of humor, selfirony, and love to laugh.Every time you make a decision, the best thing you can do is to do something right.i have a wonderful life. I have a good job, a nice house, and wonderful family. The only thing I lack is someone to share it with. Every moments in life need to shared with the people you love. The time when you go on a quite walk holding the hand of the woman you love, or sharing old stories with friends and laughing so much you cry. I am a very sincere person and I really hope to meet a great sincere lady. I also really love to learn about different cultures and people. I love to travel, I love good food and it doesn't matter what culture it is from, I love the beach, and it is my dream someday to have a beach house where I can wake up and walk right out of my house and smell the fresh crisp ocean breeze.
I am very down to earth, caring, loving, compassionate, romantic, genuine and an active man who has a great of humor and adventure, and also honors my salvation with christ. I desire to have a happy home and family. I realize that the only way to accomplish this is for a husband and a wife to be unified in striving to live the Gospel everyday. In order to achieve this I will: fulfill my roles as husband and provider, treat my soulmate respectfully (open doors for her, offer to carry her books, offer my jacket if its cold), make time for her, strive to be sensitive to her needs, never go to bed without inviting her to pray with me as a couple, be patient, loving and forgiving as she strives to progress (and need the same in return). If there are any differences that need to be discussed, i will do so patiently and if necessary, pray with her to seek the Lord's will. I have always striven to be a wise steward over the financial blessings that i have been

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

Someone who love the gospel honest caring and patient peaceful h

Church of Jesus Christ:

I have testimony this is a true church .