Spokane, Washington, United States
About Me:

t hanks for stopping by. I know it takes patience to read and I appreciate you reading what I have penned down. About myself... Hmm!!!!!I am an optimist and cherish the values of determination, resilience and moral character and do believe that these have played a dominant role to take me places I have dared to dream of. I am fun loving and like spending time listening to music, reading, watching TV and one who saves time to spend precious moments with friends. When it comes to my job, I should say it is challenging as it has helped me in my professional and personal life as well. If you are still reading then, you are a woman of steel who doesn't give up. .. I will count on your good cheer to read further on....My dream is to camp by a lake. Of course, preferably with you who is a simple, ordinary person, yet whose presence will reckon the occasion phenomenal. I believe nobody is perfect, but the fact is everybody does have positive qualities that could be appreciated. Therefore, I believe in focusing on the great things that make a person worthy and important in a relationship...i just wanna be happy and i hope for it

Who I'd Like to Meet:

All i seek for in life is The woman for me will be someone who inspires me in several ways. I've never been a game player, so I'm only interested in someone who would be team oriented in how we build and conduct our relationship. I want someone who can make me "laugh from the gut", who is well grounded, and who lives her life with integrity. The best part of me is "on the inside". Since life is not always perfect, I am looking for someone who would be an active participant in contributing to the development of a relationship that could last for the long haul. Having a vision for your life, an open heart and an intention to walk the higher path are all very important to me. I want a partnership in which we connect equally well in each of the 4 quadrants: mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.