Sycamore, Illinois, United States
About Me:

As an already mature person I want to see the fulfillment of my dreams, and though some of them have already become true, yet I am still looking forward to the greatest. I do not want to stay alone in a crowd of people, who do not understand me. I am eagerly longing with my soul and mind to find comfort. If these words echoed in your heart, I am waiting.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

My understanding of the ideal relationship is mutual support, loving understanding, common topics for discussion, as well as always be by someone's side, always there to help. Spend time together, share feelings and dreams. I have a suggestion, and I already have something to discuss with you, so feel free to share your ideas.

Church of Jesus Christ:

Alma is my favorite part in the Book of Mormon and I can not imagine my life without the happiness and joy I found in living the gospel.