Pasadena, California, United States
About Me:

Optimistic, love animals, gardening, skiing I stay very active physically, I'm not a couch potato. I have two grown children that are on their own, but family is still very central in my life. Love to grow my own food. God and Christ are at the center of my universe. I travel for business and pleasure. I own several businesses.
I fly airplanes, and I must say I am not your typical stereotype LDS male. You have been given FAIR WARNING... LOL
I have a construction background so I like to build things and do stuff around the house, having me as a husband is a benefit of having your own handyman, that’s worth 1000’s of dollars right there.
Ok if you are still reading this let's talk about love, after all, isn't that what we are here for ...to find true love...that ever-elusive soul mate, the twin flame our hearts desire. Love may come and go many times without number, but in my experience, no two love relationships/experiences are the same. I think that's why with a new partner we get so excited, we naturally know we are going to have new feelings, new experiences, and situations.
Love and sex have to be balanced when they aren't the marriage can't be a happy one and will seldom endure. I have watched many of my friends go through this unbalanced marriage, they got together had great sex and physical intimacy but failed to build on emotions of love, charity toward your mate,...this reminds me of the five languages of love if you know what the core desires of your mate are wouldn't you want to serve them with those desires? In my opinion, a marriage will not endure simply built on sex and the physical …yes physical attraction is absolutely necessary, but these two wonderful emotions we all have sex/physical and love have to be blended to create that strong bond between two people that probably have many differences and opinions when they are blended in marriage this creates an environment of spiritual closeness that is a blessing from heaven. When romance from both parties is applied to love and sex many obstructions between the two people are removed. Chemistry, Commitment, and Compatibility are just as important in a relationship and marriage.
Men and women are very different but what brings them together is their spiritual past, those are the things we have in common, this is a great life we are experiencing here on earth. Before this life, we didn't get to experience, love, sex, romance. The man was born out of a vagina and spends most of his life trying to get back into a vagina, it is simply a biological function. I feel a wife has the greatest influence on a man, not a lover or live-in girlfriend a wife who has committed to a marriage that is between her a man she chose and Heavenly Father.
I’m very active physically, I am emotionally, and mentally stable I need you to be the same. I've read many profiles and many have stated "no drama' or" I don't have any drama" that's just a true fact we all have some drama that's what this life is about but you can control the amount of drama that enters your space by limiting whom you let into your personal space.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I am searching for someone who has the same qualities desires and someone who still dreams, life beats upon us and if we aren't careful we can let our dreams slip away, and then we are filled with a life of regrets. Go to any retirement home and talk to the old farts ask them what they feel about their life and you will find they regret not living their dreams fulfilling their passion.
Man's greatest motivating factor or force in this life is his desire to please his woman. For the life of me I can't figure out why a woman would nag on a man to drive him from her life, if she would look with her spiritual eyes and see what her man truly desires and provide so those needs are met, be physical/sex, spiritual/love, or emotional/romance. I know when I serve my mate serves me and I can tell you more wealth and power have been accumulated by men to please their woman. You the woman have the power of the entire Universe but most piss it away through petty nagging or other destructive habits, jealousy, addictive substances,( which could be food or medications), etc.
The man is by no means off the hook he has to do his part for the woman so he needs to look with his spiritual eyes to see her needs and then fulfill them. Men's core desire is to please his woman. Because God gave us men this desire to please our woman, this desire of a man to please his woman gives the woman the power to make or break the man.
Here is the secret all women should know and should have been taught by their mothers, but sadly most weren't taught this, that is the woman who understands her man's his spiritual needs, his sex needs, his love needs, his emotional needs, will have no fear of competition from other women. Your man may be a giant in his field of work and control lots of power but can be easily managed by the woman of his choice.
I will close with this the 7 needs a woman needs and a man needs
What a woman needs in marriage
To feel that she is number one in her man's life
To feel cherished
To be listened to
Affection and romance
For her man to totally embrace her goals

What a man needs in marriage
To feel adequate just the way he is
To feel he is in charge
To be admired and respected
To have his woman/wife as his confidante
To feel appreciated
To feel sexually fulfilled

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

I truly feel we are ushering in the last days of the earth. The signs are all around us.The signs that John speaks of in Revelations are giving us insight as to what is to come. The events around the world if you can put the pieces together an image begins to form.COVID -19 is nothing more than a small indication, as we have more severe weather, earthquakes as society polarize itself against each other we as a true member of the church have to remain strong and assist in helping usher in the second coming. The leadership of the church tells us each time they speak the time is here.

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Temple Recommend 
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Body type:
5' 11" 
Dark brown 
Caucasian (white) 
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Better in small groups 
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Dramas, Movies, Sitcoms 
Classic Rock, Country/Western, Jazz, Pop / Top 40, Seventies, Sixties, Soft Rock, Soul/Rhythm and Blues 
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Middle of the road 
Church activities, Church / Community service, Cooking, Dining, Family, Gardening, Health / Fitness, Listening to music, Movies, Photography, Reading, Religion, Travel, Visiting the temple 
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Yes - but not at home 
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Not sure 
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