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Lakewood, Washington, United States
About Me:

I am patient, kind, polite, good humored, optimist, hard-working bread-winner with a logical and religious approach to life.
I am flexible in life’s little details and not set in all my ways.
I can promise you absolute fidelity to our marriage covenants. I have always been totally faithful for my entire life.
I am a widower.
I have been blessed by God to be a successful business man and family man with a large extended family. I have my CPA license, Accounting Degree and MBA in Finance. I have been the CFO of some very large international companies and life-long owner of many entrepreneurial family-owned businesses.
I am an admitted business-related work-alcoholic, but I have NO other addictions. I watch little TV, no football games, NO porn, no Word of Wisdom issues, etc. (Maybe a small sweet-tooth addiction).
Between managing rental properties that I own, consulting work as the CFO for several clients/companies and involvement in a family business, I am currently still working full time but have flexibility in my daily schedule and routine. I like to work and probably will continue for a good while, as long as I can, at least.
I am debt-free personally and financially responsible with some businesses-related debt. Although I live on a lake with a private dock and its own beautiful sun sets, I do very little boating and no fishing.
My (limited-time) hobbies include my greenhouse and vegetable gardening, photography, some ham radio, and handy-man projects. I like to keep busy.
I am in good health and try to eat healthy. I try to exercise daily by walking, but it would more fun with a companion to talk with as we walked.
People tell me that I look much younger (and I certainly do feel younger) than my 70 years and I feel I have another good 20 to 25 years to live and to enjoy with someone special.

Who I'd Like to Meet:

We are both busy people with high standards, looking for the right “needle in the haystack” companion.
I am not retired and I would want you to have active interests, goals, job or business of your own. You might also like to work together in one of my businesses. I also do NOT expect you to do all the house work and cooking.
Going to restaurants, movies, Broadway musicals, watching TV, watching the sun set from our own beach, travel, exploring new places and sights, etc. are only fun for me if I am sharing the experience while holding hands with and being with someone special.
I do think one fun first date idea for us would be to meet for the first time at the Seattle Temple. Allow me to buy you lunch, or dinner there and then do a temple session together.
My life has NO ex-spouse involvement, nor any extended family drama nor any skeletons in my closet.
The coming future years are prophesied both in the scriptures and by President Nelson to be both exciting and very challenging. I think two of us together as companions and partners in life can better help each other to hang on, ‘stay in the boat or raft’, and make it through to the other side while trying to become more worthy eventually of the Celestial Kingdom and its promises.
Once I find you, I will want to protect you, hug you, love you, spoil you and treat you like my queen that you are and make you one very happy camper. I like buying my wife pretty, frilly, sparkly, feminine-looking clothes and dangley ear rings for her to wear.
Other items:
• Live in the Seattle/Tacoma area. With family here & my current businesses I am unlikely to move or move far.
• Temple Recommend
• Supports a general self-reliance mentality, i.e. putting-up/preparing for a rainy day.
• Professional, managerial or entrepreneurial spirit and interests.
• Mature, seasoned, life-experienced person. Probably plus or minus age 60 to 75.
• Attractive, takes care of herself & likes to dress up pretty on occasions.

How I feel about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

I have been an active member with temple recommend of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for my entire life.
I love the Lord and serving in his church. I hope I can live long enough and be worthy to help establish Zion in the New Jerusalem.
I served an honorable and successful mission. I have been in many ward and stake church leadership positions for my entire life. I was recently in the Bishopric and currently I am on the Stake High Council. I have always tried to honor my Priesthood and tried to be a righteous leader in my home and righteous example to the family. I will try to always be worthy to be able to give you any needed priesthood blessing you might want or need on a moment’s notice. I have always had a current temple recommend my entire life.
I currently go to the temple once a week. I have also been a temple ordinance worker. I like to read scriptures daily together, ponder the Come Follow Me lessons together and have daily prayer together, for example.
I also try to live the other listed principles of successful marriages in the Family Proclamation including faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion and work.
Man is incomplete without a true help-mate companion. Just as President Nelson explains, I like growing spiritually closer together. I like being with my wife. I like pleasing my wife. It is important to me.
I think a successful marriage is a three-way partnership, each of us giving 110% to the other person and with God in the middle.
I recognize that the active female church member I seek could already sealed in the Temple to someone else (which is OK with me) and she might also be a widow. I understand the situation and feelings.

Temple Status:
Temple Recommend 
Church Attendance:
Body type:
6' 0" 
Dark brown 
Caucasian (white) 
Country/Western, Dance/Disco, Mormon tabernacle choir, Sixties 
Sense of humor:
Political Views:
Very conservative 
Church activities, Cooking, Dancing, Dining, Family, Gardening, Movies, Photography, Reading, Religion, Theater, Visiting the temple 
Home and family
Marital status:
Have kids:
Yes - but not at home 
Want (more) kids:
Living situation:
Looking For:
$100,000 to $149,999 
Professional life
Employment status:
Executive / Management