Ogden, Utah, United States
About Me:

I am an accomplished musician. Teacher of many things. Namely music and school. Sewing. The thing I like about being a little bit older is knowing what truly matters. Simple things bring me joy , but I also love exciting experiences as well. I love the symphony but can go to a ball game as well! I am a creator. I love to plant things and watch them grow. I love to take classes and learn new things. Nature is beautiful! Friendships are priceless! The gospel is my Rock.

Who I'd Like to Meet:

Someone within 5 years of my age. 62. A strong testimony makes for good relationships. A man who takes care of himself the best he can. You don't need to look like a body builder! Just close. (LOL) A man who is confident and humble . Who can laugh at life. Who doesn't budge on moral standards. Someone who lets a woman be a lady but doesn't mind when she gets a little crazy. Someone who wants to share experiences together, but also knows that individual time is important as well. A hard worker. A fun companion. A man who is my best friend. Someone that isn't done yet!

How I feel about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

I love this gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been my rock, my anchor and my joy for many years. I find myself imperfect in many ways, but love how I can always ask Heavenly Father for guidance and support in being a better person. I try to live what I believe. I go to church on a regular basis, and want to be of service.