Bristol, Tennessee, United States
About Me:

Hello! I just started and erased this first line trying to figure out what to say lol I don’t want to make this long buttt I probably will haha!

I’m 35 yrs old and never married/no children. Though I have lots of friends w/children that I claim as nieces and nephews. I’ve been a member all my life and very active. So why aren’t I married? That was the goal It still is. If you grow up in the church, you know what I mean by being in those Youth Conference lessons. YW/YM lessons on putting the temple and marriage as your goal. Right? You’ve seen countless friends get hitched and so many Ensign articles that to tell you to be happy and enjoy the ‘now’ ...and to that I say ‘tell me something I don’t know’ lol

I just haven’t met the right person. My person. So for now I do enjoy life. Sure there’s ups and downs. But I try to fill it with the people I love and the things that bring me fulfillment. I’m a big reader. I do graphic design and I work in the Education system with an emphasis on Special Education and Early Childhood. I’m a typical southern gal and I love to bake/cook/shop/wear clothes with my
Monogram and say things like ‘sweetie’ and ‘bless your heart’ lol true story

I’m not much of a camper (never liked YW camp ) but I could wing it per say. Anything with water sports or going to the beach is my zest for life and happy place.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

For now, let’s start off chatting and friends. I love good conversation. If you have children, l would so welcome them! I want something that could lead to a serious relationship. I want that temple marriage. I want to be mom. I could go in to detail of my likes but really for now, I want a good man. Strong firm handshake. Someone who has his ducks in a row and knows how to treat all humans with respect and dignity. Someone that really listens to people and pays attention.

Church of Jesus Christ:

I’ve had a strong testimony since I can remember. I Say that but in the sense of line upon line. My family and my mom plays a big part in really teaching me to know and learn of the gospel. Everyone has to come to a point in asking themselves, is the real? Is this true? And do I believe? Do I know? I have sincerely had those moments. I can answer you that yes. Yes I do believe and I do know. I think we are living in a time where we really need to focus on Gospel doctrine and teaching our families to not only hear him but know him.