Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
About Me:

I'm a big-hearted, glass half full, love to laugh, easy going kind of guy. Don't get me wrong, I have my serious side too, but I believe that good always wins in the end, even if it has a few set backs along the way. I'm pretty happy with most of my life and, ultimately, I'm looking for someone to share it with.

My faith is a huge part of my life. I don't feel the need to impose it on everyone else, but I gladly offer up what's helped me in life. Faith is important to me.

I'm a huge movie buff! Test my knowledge against your favorites and see how I hold up to what you know!

I love hiking and camping, but a busy life means that most of those trips happen locally now and don't last more than a night or two.

I enjoy singing and dancing to music in my car or while I'm working around the house.

I love a good, deep conversation that goes everywhere and lasts for hours.

I love my job and my coworkers! I work at Duke and dig through databases to help doctors and researchers find the information that they need to do brilliant things. (Ask me about how they're using polio to fight cancer - WHAT?!?)

As much as I love my hobbies and work, my kids are my biggest priority and greatest source of joy in my life. As long as I could really imagine it, I've wanted to be a Dad.

If none of this has clashed with your personality, interests, or just scared you away, I'd love to have the chance to get to know you better. Drop me a line and say Hi!

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I'd like to meet a woman who is working to be the best version of herself. I know this is a daily endeavor and some days are better than others. I would appreciate someone who is kind, gentle, and patient. I would like them to have a testimony of Jesus Christ, and the restored gospel; someone who wants to attend church with me regularly. Cuddling and romance would be great. Things are nice, but time is better.

Church of Jesus Christ:

I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am grateful for my membership in it and that I can attend regularly. I'm thankful for the opportunities that I have to serve there. Above all, I am grateful for a loving Savior in Jesus Christ and for the fullness of His gospel.