TrueLDS. Our Mission; The best LDS Dating site for LDS singles.

Online dating is no longer a thing that only a few Mormons do. The truth is that online dating is more common than ever before among LDS singles. Now, you’re likely to find every ward has at least one couple that met online. Online dating is becoming the new mainstream among single Latter-Day Saints.

Our Mission: The best LDS Dating site for LDS singles. We as fellow members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are committed to making a real contribution to helping LDS singles find and mingle with each other in a safe and relaxed environment.

We as LDS (former) singles know from our own experience how hard it can sometimes be to get involved with and eventually start dating other worthy Latter-day saint singles. We wanted to create the best dating experience that a Latter-Day saint can have. Because of this, TrueLDS was launched in February of 2015.

Our definition of the best dating site:

1. The best profiles of the best LDS Singles.

2. TrueLDS, an LDS dating site with a personal touch.

3. The best Mormon online dating experience.

4. The best online dating technology.

5. The best security.

.1. The best profiles of the best LDS Singles.

To ensure that we have the best LDS singles on our site, we go through each profile manually. Automated systems can pick up inappropriate language and even scan images for things such as nudity. With that being said, just because someone does not use inappropriate language does not mean that they are LDS or are on TrueLDS for the right reasons.

The only way to guarantee quality is to analyse all profiles manually and to sometimes even read messages that were sent by our members. As fellow Latter-Day saints, we can easily pick up whether someone is genuine or not.

An Example:

This example was taken from a major other LDS Dating site (important details have been blacked out). The problem is that the owners simply do NOT scrutinize who uses their site and for what purpose. Just Look at this profile, the woman does not even look LDS or even American. On the other hand, she must have just missed out when they handed out the strength the ‘for the strength of youth pamphlet’... On TrueLDS, this profile would have been removed within a day!

This member has also posted contact details. This is a very unsafe thing to do as anyone on the web can potentially find them. We usually warn such people and help them improve their profile.

2. TrueLDS, an LDS dating site with a personal touch.

The moral is that we do not only check profiles electronically, but first and foremost we manually check all of our profiles and also keep a tab on all sent messages. This allows for a level of quality that is simply unheard of on an LDS dating site.

TrueLDS offers a lot of advanced features, but, regardless of this, there still very real humans beings behind the site. By being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have a keen eye on who is genuine and who is not.

3 The best online LDS dating experience.

TrueLDS has been set up so that it is easy to use, but yet is feature rich.

You don’t need to sign up / commit to anything in order to browse our LDS Singles. What you see is what you get. You can immediately get a feel, without having to sign up for anything PERIOD!

And if you wish to get more engaged, signing up is a snap and there are only a few steps. You can make your profile as elaborate or simple as you want:

• Upload up to 50(!) pictures.

• A 2000 word character limit, per section!

• Tons of extra profile features.

• The best dating technology.

After you have signed up, you do not constantly get bothered with annoying ‘promotions’ or daily reminders that you have unread messages, as is the case with some other LDS dating sites. We at TrueLDS care deeply about your privacy.

4. The best online dating technology.
TrueLDS offers many options to search for and communicate with other single latter Day Saints.
You can make and save elaborate searches on just about any criteria. You can contact other LDS singles who you are interested in by private message and by sending gifts completely free of charge. For premium members there is the option to chat. You can share pictures with everyone or only with individuals of your choice.

5. The best online dating security.
TrueLDS is SSL certified, has encrypted databases and is being monitored around the clock for any security issues by SiteLock. We, of course, monitor our profiles, but also sent messages for any abnormalities. The monitoring of profiles is not a one off, but a continuous process to ensure nothing but the best quality.

6. What TrueLDS in not.

What we are not. TrueLDS was originally set up by 7 friends (see below) with the sole purpose of making a positive contribution to the LDS Singles community. TrueLDS currently has thousands of members.

We are not part of a large public company that needs to hit quarterly or yearly targets. Unlike many other LDS dating sites that are not run by members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but rather by Wall Street. Because of this, we can do things in our own pace and way, as we have no revenue targets that we need to hit.

It is all about quality, not quantity. TrueLDS is a dating run by a small team of people. Because we are not part of a greater (public) whole, we can be very selective in whom we allow on TrueLDS and whom we do not allow.

TrueLDS is not a free Mormon dating site. We initially planned on creating a free site, but we realized early on that to provide a quality service it had to be a (partly) paid service. We have lots free features, such as sending messages and gifts, but the only way to truly run a quality LDS dating site without displaying ads would be to charge.

TrueLDS online dating for LDS singles, our hsitory.

It all started on November 25th 2014. We were having our Thanksgiving dinner together in Fred’s apartment before most of us would leave to spend the holidays with family all over the country. Over dinner, we were reminiscing about our missions, our careers, (ex)girlfriends, divorce, the LDS dating scene, the holidays and what not.

Still at the dinner table, Jo shared a spiritual thought on how Christ served the father with His life. Jo asked us to reflect on how we could individually dedicate our lives more to our Father in Heaven. Fred was the first to share his thoughts; he mentioned that he was very successful in his career as a programmer and felt that he was truly living a blessed life. He mentioned that, after his divorce, he had several girl friends and liked hanging out with girls from our singles ward and his work, but that nothing serious was coming of it. He shared that that for the past few months he felt prompted by the Spirit that he should make a greater effort in order to be sealed and married for eternity in the temple. Even though an eternal marriage had been a goal of his since being a seminary student, he though that he needed double up his efforts in order to be sealed in the temple to that special person that he felt that Heavenly Father would like him to meet.

It turned out, that we all pretty much felt the same as Fred did. We were all in our mid to late thirties and we all worked in the tech industry. We were all returned missionaries, BYU graduates, and fully active in the church, yet dating nowhere near as much as much as we should and all still ever so single. Either never married or divorced. Even though we lived in an area with a lot of Latter-Day Saints and thus single LDS girls, we felt that there was not much out there for us in terms of LDS singles. Not much in terms of compatible single LDS girls, girls with similar interests, education level etc.

Later that night we decided to go out for a quick bite. Over some buffalo wings at a local eatery, the subject of being single once again came up. We figured that a lot of members of our LDS singles ward must feel the same as we did: Lots of LDS singles around, but no chemistry. We got to talking about online dating as solution. Out of the 7 of us, 5 had actually already experimented with online dating. Experiences with LDS dating sites varied from good to not so good. The ones that had tried LDS dating sites agreed that most sites simply just lacked quality single adult members of over 30. A large number of the singles on these LDS dating sites were not even from the United States. Mitch jokingly suggested that with our skills we could easily launch our own site and find our eternal companions on it.... We were all in a jolly mood and were joking about having our own dating site.

As the days passed, we gave the idea of starting an LDS dating site more and more thought. Ryan, who had actually worked for IAC/InterActiveCorp, the company that owns and other various dedicated LDS dating websites. Whilst pondering the idea and doing initial research, we found out that starting an online dating site was not so easily done. But, after prayerful consideration, we felt that it was the right thing to do.

After a good few late night hours, TrueLDS was finally launched in February 2015.

In 2016, 3 of the original founders were still working on TrueLDS and a joint venture was set up.

The TrueLDS Team:

Ryan Taylor (co-owner)

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Ryan served his mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After that, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences from Brigham Young University. Ryan currently works for Peregrine systems. Ryan’s main responsibility is the technical side of TrueLDS, although, he sometimes also interacts with the members. Ryan gets great satisfaction from seeing how LDS singles interact with each other TrueLDS.

Fred Jones (co-owner)

Born and bred in San Diego, Fred served a mission in Germany and after that studied computer sciences at BYU where he got married to his now ex wife. He has 2 sons that stay with him part time. Fred has tried out various LDS dating services, but never found what he was looking for; therefore, Fred is one of the original founders of TrueLDS. During the day, Fred leads a team of sales people for a large software company and at night he works on TrueLDS. Fred has over 12 years of experience as a programmer and has mastered the following programming languages: HTML, C++, Java and SQL.

Linda Hutchison (site administrator)

Linda knew Ryan from her mission, as he was her zone leader. A lot has happened since my mission; I got married and had 3 kids. I got divorced and had to reinvent my life and become the provider of my family. After not having been in touch for years, I met Ryan again on Face book. He told me about TrueLDS. In the beginning I thought it was so funny that Ryan invited me to join TrueLDS as one of the site administrators, as I did not realize how much work is involved in running a dating site. I am truly grateful for the opportunity that I have to work and serve here!

Tracy Darling (site administrator)

During a church activity last year, I met Fred. We got talking and Fred invited me over for a family home evening at his place. As we got talking, I mentioned how hard it is for a single mom with no real relevant work experience to find a job. I knew (as does everyone in our ward) that Fred and Ryan had an online dating site but when Fred asked me if would be interested in becoming an administrator I did not know what to think, as I knew next to nothing about computers. Over a few nights, Fred and Ryan took me trough all of the proceedings until I was fully confident.

Neil Jones (site administrator)

I was introduced to TrueLDS by my home teacher, the father of one the founders of TrueLDS. I have always been sort of a computer buff since I got my first got my first IBM pc in the 1980’s. I subsequently got into programming and have working in the tech industry ever since. Since retiring, I have been going through a rough patch. Since my insurance does not cover all of my bills, financially and, at times, emotionally, it has been tough. The extra money helps out a lot, but most of all I feel that I am doing something meaningful whilst doing something that I love: programming!