Maricopa, Arizona, United States
About Me:

I’m a convert to the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter Day Saints, I’m an only member in my family.
Up till today I never knew their was such a thing like online dating for LDS members, go figure lol!
So I’m not the best at describing myself but I’ll give it a quic try.
I work a lot of hours and recently just started to balance work and personal better. I’m into health and exercising but not a total freak about it, because I still enjoy eating out and trying new foods and restaurants!
I’m very laid back and mellow attitude, smile and laugh a lot, like to hear and tell jokes, share positive vibes, enjoy hearing other peoples testimony, I rather listen then talk, and get a lot of piece when I can go to church early and just chill and read general conference talks!

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

Honestly u like to just meet everyone and anyone, I make friend with just about anyone and anywhere. I defenantly would love to be able to go out with someone who is laid back, slow to anger, easy to talk to, that understands and practices patience, and that is ok with just being friends if there’s no second date, someone that doesn’t want to rush or push a relationship but is willing to give one’s all when they find the right one!
Everyone that knows me knows that I’m very positive and always smiling, and a smile is the one thing we can all share with everyone!

Church of Jesus Christ:

As a convert finding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been the amazing thing that could of ever happened to me. It feels like it has not only given my life direction but has also given my life meaning! At the Gospel is true as the sky is blue, I know the Book of Mormon to be true and was written by prophets for our times, and becoming a member of the church has been the toughest, most rewarding, fulfilling, and greatest joy a child of God could have!