Grover, Wyoming, United States
About Me:

I feel I am a very open person, kind caring and loving. I am always seeking more knowledge and understanding to life and its mysteries physically and spiritually. have went through the valley of death and learned many interesting things about life. still have a few issues with health I am over coming. This life is not about earning and working for a reward or kingdom in the next life, its about become the being we are meant to become here. Also I am not a big sports fan never watch that kind of things. NOT an animal or pet fan ether so just heads up there as well. oh and if you are the jealous type most of my close friends are female, most men are too much into sports hunting and killing things not for my taste.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

Looking for someone open and caring with a pure heart.

Church of Jesus Christ:

Love to learn and study and find truth of things. The Gospel is Love which is something we become. Love is not something you do and something that has conditions. Love is unconditional and is something we become. We become love by serving and loving first God then ourselves and others. We can't love until we understand and know God's true love and become okay within us. so we become LOVE as He is LOVE!! sounds different to most people because they have conditions on their so called love. this kind of love is selfishness not true love