Orlando, Florida, United States
About Me:

I feel like a positive and deep person with a soul. I believe that we all need to work hard to move forward in life and achieve success in all areas. I am a pragmatic person and I believe that I am doing the right thing. I am very passionate about life, but after a long day I like to enjoy peace and harmony. There are many facets in me. Sometimes I am very humble, shy, sometimes quite the opposite, relaxed, playful. I prefer to be calm, not conflicted. I see no reason to waste energy, emotions, personality on conflicts.
I like singing, I take vocal lessons. In free time I like to go to the cinema or watch some movies at home. I also like going to the gym, listening to music and reading books.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I want to meet an active man like me, who is not averse to spending a vacation, going on a hike in the wild with the whole family or spending a vacation outside the city, where the air is clean and only the sounds of nature are heard. The main quality that a man should have is willpower, cordiality and responsibility for his family. I should feel protected next to him. Age and appearance do not really matter, the main thing is inner beauty and youth in the soul.

Church of Jesus Christ:

Born into the church, I believed since I don't know when - I feel like I had the blessing of believing the testimony of others. When I was 16, I read the Book of Mormon for myself and prayed as I went, gaining a testimony of it for myself as I went. Since then I have been doing something akin to Jeffrey R Holland from his talk "Safety for the Soul, where he talks about thousands of elements to his testimony. I think of my testimony as more of a book with pages and chapters that I'm constantly adding to. Each time I have a spiritual experience, it adds pages to that book. I've had many spiritual witnesses and my testimony today is all the better for it.

Additionally, another thing that I've found helpful is advice my mother - the concept of constant nourishment and refreshing of a testimony. I got a testimony of the Book of Mormon, for instance, when I was 16. That was good, but I'm glad that that isn't the only time I've read it and prayed for confirmation. Each time I do, it refreshes and deepens that page of my testimony. I love it!