Omaha, Nebraska, United States
About Me:

II'm a mom first. I take my divine blessing of being a mother with upmost dedication.
☆Decided I should've added more about me as in things I like to do etc.. so, I love nature.. the outdoors, I'd be happy to live my days in a hobbit house, tending to my garden, flowers etc.. I've a green thumb. Plants like me.. I love the smell of the earth, and love how it feels haha. I do photography, anything of the earth's canvas, Nature's moments.. Beauty is in the details. I love the ocean, the smell and sound. Most beautiful sunrises. Change my mind.
I was born in Texas, on the coast.. being near or on the water brings me tranquility.
I'm a natural leader. I've spent my life taking care of those I love. Nothing matters more then family. To me, love is willing to sacrifice. I'm fiercely determined, opinionated and independent. My individuality is very important. I'm loyal to a fault. Honest to a fault. And believe you have nothing if you have not Honor. I'm a military brat. Born in the covenant, parents converts. I love my father in heaven. I have a strong relationship with my spirituality and believe in the power of prayer and the priesthood. I honor the priesthood. My dad being the best example of its worthiness in my life... has been a foundation of strength to me. I have not been endowed. I allowed life to get in the way. I'm working on fixing this. I'm far from perfect, but believe everyday is a opportunity to overcome ourselves. I'm very grateful for my savior, and the atonement. I'm not looking for serious immediately, as I'm not that type of person. I'm just looking for those like minded, looking for deep intellectual, spiritual, philosophical conversations, or even latest conspiracies... my views are conservative. I love my America, My flag, my freedoms and honor those who sacrifice for me to have them. I'm part country, part city girl. I've rode bareback, know how to use a bullwhip, and my favorite job of all time was a horse trainer on a show horse ranch in Texas. I love cooking, baking and have done so since a young child. I'm 2nd of 8 children. I'm a take charge type, but am ok giving reins to the right person I can trust and rely on. Which hasn't been a thing in my life. I don't need to share my life with another. I WANT to share my life with another. And hope eternity makes it.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

A man. Who understands what that means. Intellectual, enjoys deep conversations.. honest. Honorable. Who values what women are, and cherishes those differences, as much as I do. I believe God us specifically different in every way necessary, to be the others strength. That together, we are complete. My favorite love story, is when Eve was created from Adam, and his exclamation of devotion when see saw her. I'm looking for my best friend. The other half of my whole.

Church of Jesus Christ:

The Atonement. I absolutely believe in the power of prayer. I have a strong testimony. I love my father in heaven, and seek him daily. I honor the priesthood, and the blessing it bestows upon the world. I miss having it in my home. It brings comfort. I've not been endowed, I'm working on that. My goal is to be sealed for all time and eternity.
I was born into the covenant, my parents were converts. I'm the 2nd eldest of 8. 5 sisters, 2 brothers.