Meet Mrivers , 36, Woman from Idaho, United States and other LDS singles.


Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States
About Me:

I’m a writer. Strap in.

My name is Melissa, I’m a good listener and I'm patient. My friends say I’m sweet and I give really good hugs. This whole dating thing is new for me, but I'm ready to find my best friend and eternal companion. I may be shy and quiet at first, it’s just who I am, because I hunger to understand people’s perspective because understanding one another is so important to me. Communication and respect is key for me. As I warm up, I like to think I'm funny with a dry sense of humor and I love to laugh with others. I’m easy-going and only insist on things I feel strongly about. I am loyal and not easily swayed. I believe in honesty and having open communication so agreements can be reached (but never compromising either person’s emotional and spiritual happiness or needs).

The biggest aspect of my identity is that I am a writer. I’m always seeing the world through story, or I get lost in thought thinking about characters and plot. I’m currently working on editing a first draft of a novel so I can prep it for submissions. Fingers crossed my brain won’t fry from basically rewriting the entire thing and trying to keep all the changes straight. (I actually won’t mind if my future companion would be willing to be my cheerleader for encouragement in such endeavors.)

I love to read. My personal library is my equivalent of an art collection. I read mostly fantasy and urban fantasy - though a good sci-fi will catch my attention to. “Life before death” anyone know that quote?

I enjoy drawing and occasionally painting - mostly graphite or ink sketches, but I’m crafty in general (lately, I’ve been making these little flower fairies out of wire and silk flowers and a bead). If faced with a problem my creative side inevitably finds a way to solve the issue.

I’m a movie and tv series junkie and I love a good binge-watch of something new. (Supernatural anyone?) Documentaries are my idea of a lazy Sunday afternoon — simply because I love learning about everything. My useless-trivia is vast and varied.

I love the forest and the smell of earth and living green. My fondest memories as a child were when my family went camping in the redwoods and we’d catch salamanders in the creeks.

I’m not a huge gamer, but I’ll make a hard right turn for anything Legend of Zelda. (I fell in love with Ocarina of Time, I still think Twilight Princess is underrated, and Breath of the Wild will change how Zelda games are created from here on out.... if you want a long discussion topic, this would be it, because there are so many ideas and theories I have for this series!)

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I feel like love should be a fairytale in everyday life, because honestly, what’s more romantic than getting a kiss on the cheek, a scribbled “I love you” on a Post-It note, or holding hands while walking around the block on a pleasant fall evening?

As a self proclaimed “introvert with socially acceptable extroverted skills” I enjoy alone time, but I do enjoy spending an evening out or being with friends. I enjoy a quiet night in watching movie and Netflix, while also wanting to spend time with my future partner having a night out enjoying some activity. My introvert may need to recharge with some alone time, but I want to go out and experience life and see all its spices life has to offer and taste the unexplored colors of new experiences with someone I can share those moment with, create memories with, and create new traditions with.

In truth, I want a best friend who I can spend eternity with as husband and wife. I hope to find someone who can be on the same page with me, who can disagree but are willing to talk and find common ground so no matter what decision is reached , and we are united partners in those decisions. I want to be able to tell all my secrets to my eternal companion and take joy in keeping his secrets confidante in return. I want to be able to be silly, to be sarcastic, to hold serious discussions with him... and I want to be heard and my opinion taken seriously—because I would do the same in return. Love is about respect as much as desire. Two way street, man. Respect the rules of the road.

I hope to find someone who would be patient with me, and who would take the time to see pass my initial shyness to the person I am. Just being honest here... my DM can vouch for me.

Church of Jesus Christ:

I love the gospel. I try to carry it on myself daily because for years I was forced to work Sunday’s and attending church was difficult. I may be a lapsed meeting attendee, but I feel the Spirit daily because I’ve always felt so attuned to the gospel ever since I was a girl and went to my first year of girl’s camp.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Temple Status:
Temple Worthy 
Church Attendance:
Body type:
5' 7" 
Dark brown 
Caucasian (white) 
Social Setting:
Somewhat shy, Better in small groups 
TV watching:
Dramas, Movies, Sitcoms 
Classical, Classic Rock, Contemporary, Eighties, Heavy Metal, Pop / Top 40, Punk, Rock n Roll, Seventies, Soft Rock 
Sense of humor:
Clever / Quick witted, Dry / Sarcastic, Campy / Cheesy 
Political Views:
Middle of the road 
Art, Computers / Internet, Cooking, Crafts, Dancing, Dining, Family, Gaming, Listening to music, Movies, Playing music, Reading, Theater, Television, Travel 
Home and family
Marital status:
Single / never married 
Have kids:
Want (more) kids:
Living situation:
With pets 
Less than $24,999 
Looking For:
Professional life
Some college 
Employment status:
Artistic / Musical / Writer