Los Angeles, California, United States
About Me:

I am an energetic 44 year old. I've never been married and have no children. I can be a very exciting and adventurous entrepreneur (E commerce; and commercial installations) and also a kind of stiff, that loves to just focus on something and get good at it. I love music, and more traditional things: classical music, flamenco guitar, I LOVE piano (though I don't play it, I am dying to learn), and opera. I also enjoy ballet and I'd be lying if I didn't admit to having enjoyed a variety of rock and pop music in my younger years (I was a trained flamenco guitarist as a teenager; as well as martial arts). I am very much into my business and work with specific goals and self challenges that I work every day to live up to (I am the textbook workaholic and I love it). My dating life has been very quiet and uneventful for a number of reasons (most of which had to do with not being surrounded by the right people). Since I've joined the church I have a new hope and faith in the prospect of marriage and family. Having conviction in that, I believe, is the first step in the right direction. I can go from having a runners body to having a few extra pounds but I always seem to not notice until I find myself hitting the elliptical with everything I've got. I like going out to eat, and to get to know people. At this phase in my life abstain from things like coffee, tea, adderrall, or testosterone: specifically because I believe that the right environment and subsequent "mind set" is far more powerful. Though I can understand and respect others who do those things.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

Well, someone who is honest with others, who doesn't hold back and who doesn't have a problem communicating how they feel or what is on their mind. I especially prefer someone who is of a "bigger vision" who starts and ends with the horizon and who speaks to be understood not to control. Someone with an education might do well, since I have an MBA; but I'm also a big advocate of home study and scholarship. I prefer a woman who isn't afraid to engage life fully with work, school, and the demands of life the more I think I'll root her on. I love being up close and personal, I thrive on being known and reassured. In some ways I LOVE being smothered and assumed on: as long as its without a need to control or intended to limit what I do or think. I imagine I'm the same way. Money for me can be larger than life, or I can fall to boot strap sprints to get to the next hill. That said, I can come off as "super rich" and also "in a rat race on his last dollar" (neither of which are really true but it can seem like that sometimes): so someone who has a strong sense of the granary mindset; but also knows how to ride a wave in (if you know what I mean). Some of my ambitions include owning a yacht (An Amer94), and funding a recovery home for adults. I'm also praying for a happy marriage, happy family, and a happy home (In many ways those take precedence over all else at this time in my life).

Church of Jesus Christ:

I like the way it gets right to the heart of the modern human condition and applies the teachings of Christ in such a way as to make it very difficult to miss the point. In particular, I believe the ordinances and encouragement to fully engage a Christ like life; is a gift and chance that we would have a very difficult time finding any where else. My favorite scripture this week is Alma 31

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
In the future 
Temple Status:
Temple Recommend 
Church Attendance:
Body type:
5' 10" 
Social Setting:
Somewhat shy, Social butterfly, Flirt, Better in small groups 
TV watching:
Dramas, News junkie 
Classical, Pop / Top 40, Mormon tabernacle choir 
Sense of humor:
Friendly, Clever / Quick witted 
Political Views:
Art, Church activities, Church / Community service, Dining, Family, Health / Fitness, Listening to music, Playing music, Religion, Theater, Travel, Visiting the temple 
Home and family
Marital status:
Single / never married 
Have kids:
Want (more) kids:
Living situation:
More than $150,000 
Looking For:
Professional life
Master's degree 
Employment status:
Sales / Marketing