Los Angeles, California, United States
About Me:

Born and raised for eight years in Salt Lake, then our family moved to Venice, Ca. Life changed, yet after losing both my mother and spouse to cancer, I am thankful for my faith.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

My extended family is all over Utah and I love going back home. I admire honesty and a well founded belief in the gospel. First dates are always fun whether it be a walk on the beach, or a short hike. I love to listen to others, and have a wealth of stories to share.

Church of Jesus Christ:

Although I feel away from the church, I can testify that it remained an active component of my life. I attend, but not frequently, this in and of itself is a goal. I sat down with the Book of Mormon, read it, underlined the most meaningful parts, and when finished, I realized this was more of a historical perspective of the gospel. My own family history is embedded in the church, and this humbles me. On a trek to Filmore, the first state seat, I saw a picture of my great-great grandmother, Angeline Holbrook and her husband Mr. Hinckley, this is when my testimony grew.