Gilbert, Arizona, United States
About Me:

Teacher, actress, singer, writer, big sister, world traveler, Harry Potter fanatic - these are just some of the words and titles that describe me. I am a drama teacher at a combined middle and high school in Gilbert. I absolutely love my job and I love the students I work with! It is so fulfilling to help them break out of their shells and experience the magic of bringing a theatrical production to life. I am also looking to get back on the stage myself, so I'm keeping an eye out for auditions for these opportunities!

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

A worthy priesthood holder who is funny, kind, and willing to geek out with me about things like Harry Potter, Star Trek, LOTR, and Marvel. I want someone who's passionate about what it is they do, and who I can have intellectual conversations with.

Church of Jesus Christ:

I am a returned missionary and so grateful for the blessing of my testimony! Of course I am always striving to strengthen that testimony and improve my relationship with my Father in Heaven. I am far from perfect, but that is why Christ paid the price of the atonement. I know He leads His church today to bring others to that knowledge so we can enjoy eternal life if we but turn to him.