Gainesville, Florida, United States
About Me:

I am a single Saint who like the social sciences, staying in shape, and collecting handwoven oriental silk rugs, among other things.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

Someone who is open-minded and tolerant of others who may be considerably different from themselves. Someone who takes their membership in the Church and their calling seriously but not too seriously, and someone who also likes to stay in shape.

Church of Jesus Christ:

I love the historical narrative of the Book of Mormon and how it synchronizes neatly with the narrative of the Bible without overlapping it and how it also synchronizes neatly with world history of that time.

My testimony of Heavenly Father and his Son's atonement is that Heavenly Father's hand is not found in the great events of the life of Man but in the many small happenings that lead up to great events. Like with Moses on the mountain, Heavenly Father prefers to be the still, small voice that inspires, not the great bombastic screaming shouting voice of the Adversary that can only inspire fear.