Keeping The Law of Chastity as LDS Singles.

Keeping The Law of Chastity as LDS Singles.

The law of chastity which entails that LDS singles remain sexually pure and undefiled until marriage, to many in this present day it is supposedly hard and to some, impossible. Hard it is, but definitely not impossible.

The purpose of dating is knowledge.

Marriage is honorable, the bed undefiled is what the Bible says (Hebrews13:4). Does this imply that you are not allowed to date? Definitely, not. Marriage is necessary to reach the highest level of exaltation (D&C132). The essence of dating before marriage is not to savor each other's bodies but rather to get to know each other, to understand your partner, his or her likes, dislikes, his or her dreams, visions and ambitions in life, and to know if these visions in any way correlate with yours or if you can fit into them. The purpose of dating is knowledge, knowledge of one's partner, knowledge of situations and happenings that have led to the person which you now date. All knowledge except carnal knowledge of your partner (2Nephi9:39). The purpose of this writing is to enlighten and encourage LDS singles about dating, on the need to maintain a lovely and chaste relationship in accordance to the Lord's word.

The Law of Chastity for LDS Singles.

Although we cannot deny the importance of a physical attraction in an LDS dating relationship, as it is inborn and a part of our biological makeup, as LDS singles we are expected to control these urges, hard right? Yes. But an amazing fact exists! As children of God, you are no longer subjects to the flesh, therefore, as LDS singles filled with Holy Ghost, you are able to control the dictates of the flesh and not become subject to them. Temptations will definitely arise but through the help of God and the influence of the Holy Ghost, you will overcome.

What is the best way of avoiding sexual sin?

Avoiding temptations! What do I mean by this? Do not place yourself in a situation likely to lead to sin. Imagine two scenarios, a single sister decides to meet up with her date at his place at 6pm for some dinner and Netflix, vowing that nothing ungodly would happen. While another single sister decides also to meet with her partner but takes the precaution of meeting in a public place, possibly a restaurant at 12 noon. From the scenarios above, who is likely to break the law of chastity? The first right? Rather than overcoming temptation, it is better to avoid them. Remember, although you have been called into the marvelous light by Christ, and have been given power, we remain human and subject to temptation, meaning at this stage of our earthly sojourn as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we could still fall prey to temptations if we are not careful hence the admonition of our leaders us to flee all appearances of evil; temptations.

Avoiding sexual sin for Latter-day Saint singles.

Being chaste while dating does not imply a boring relationship, there are a lot of things one could enjoy with his or her date without having to fall into sexual immorality. Visit places of interest, participate in sports you haven't had an experience of; skiing and a host of others, meet people, have long discussions in open but private places, build a strong and healthy relationship, both spiritually and emotionally. Build a strong friendship with this person you love, learn to confide in each other and more. A relationship built first on the Lord and gospel principles and a solid friendship lasts a whole lot longer and better than a relationship built on physical attraction alone.

It is therefore important to date LDSsingles that share a similar belief as yours as regards to the law of chastity. Iron sharpeneth iron is what the Bible says, meaning, dating LDS singles that are keen on adhering to God commands as regards chastity
is easier and a whole lot better than dating singles that do not understand the need to remain chaste until marriage. Sometimes we wonder where's the fun in dating without sexual intimacy? The law of chastity is not to make regret your relationship but rather to anchor it on a strong Rock. You could have fun with your partner, go on rides, have long discussions on a range of topics, go on outdoor adventures and more without having carnal knowledge of one another. A relationship that is built first on sex is bound to be thrilling and could be confused with love and most times is over before it even starts. As LDSsingles, our bodies are temples and in order not to grieve the spirit, we are admonished to save physical intimacy; sex for the marriage bed.

We could go on and on the need for abstinence while dating but without a firm testimony of the restored Gospel, one would not understand the essence of this abstinence. Hence the need for all LDS singles to continually build a binding relationship with Heavenly Father.

The law of chastity. Single lds couples.

The Law of Chastity and Divorced LDS singles.

It is harder to keep the law of chastity for divorced LDS singles, if he or she has been married before and is now trying to maintain sexual purity while divorced. Why is this so? This is because he or she at some point had experienced the thrills and beauty of sexual intimacy so, returning to celibacy before marriage is harder LDS Singles compared to one who has never experienced it. For such LDS singles, it is better to literally flee from conflicting scenarios, run from everything that feeds that sexual urge.

It is harder but not impossible through the help of the Lord. This sounds like suffering right? But it is not. You are His and therefore should not follow the dictates of the world. Remember the reward that awaits you at the end of your sojourn here on Earth, a reward that has nothing worthy of comparison here on Earth. The scriptures talk of God's plans for you, plans of good and not of evil, to give you an expected end; a future and a hope. So in this seemingly hard law of chastity remeber, God has a reason for it, to ensure that you are whole, not scarred beyond repair from multiple sexual relations and pure enough to encourage the dwelling of the Spirit. It is solely as a result of God's unending love for you that he commands that you remain pure and not open your bodies for contamination before marriage. He loves you and wants an abiding fellowship with you, a fellowship that is broken when you enter into sexual immorality.

The Lord knoweth them that are his.

Although in a generation like this, when sexual immorality and perversity is encouraged even amongst teenagers, the law of chastity might seem old school and out of Vogue, but notwithstanding the foundation of the Lord standeth sure, having this seal, the Lord knoweth them that are his, and let everyone that nameth the name of the Lord depart from inequity(2 Tim 2:19), the words of the Lord. Regardless of how perverse the world becomes and how acceptable sexual immorality get, the words of the Lord remain, and as his latter day saints, we are meant to Illuminate this world of darkness with his light and rather than conforming to the dictates of this world, transforming through the renewing of our minds from the word of God. It is acceptable to the world does not make it acceptable to you saints of Christ, for you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood is what God calls you, a holy nation that has been called forth out of darkness into his marvelous light. So why would you return to a darkness that you have been lifted from, you are light and what does light do? It outshines darkness, you are a source of relief and succor to a world filled with agony, do not forget that.

Temple worthy LDS singles

You are saints, connoting purity, why shed this wonderful garment for rags? The devil is crafty and wise so, he lures one into sexual immorality with the impression that proving your love for someone involves having sexual intercourse with them, this is a lie from the pit of hell.

Finally, the law of chastity is not an easy one to uphold, these urges will always be there, you cannot do away with them but you can control them, why? Because we have been made more than conquerors through Christ that strengthens us. There is therefore no temptation above victory through Christ and as Latter-day saint singles, you are of Christ, one body with Christ and ultimately victors over temptations. So while we maintain a fun and close relationships with our partner's before marriage, remember to avoid temptations and remain chaste.