How to build a successful online LDS dating profile - 7 elements you need to know about!

How to build a successful online  LDS dating profile - 7 elements you need to know about!

When it comes to online dating for Latter-day Saints, it can be tough to know where to start - even for the more experienced of LDS singles! We all want to put ourselves across in the best light and to attract the right person. We want to attract someone compatible that we can love fully and to be loved in return also.

After all—that’s why we make an online dating profile in the first place, right?

How to build a successful online LDS dating profile

Profile paralysis can certainly be tough to navigate. We all know the feeling; we sit down at our computer, staring at a blank profile page, and feel at a total loss as to what to include and what not to. What details should we include in our LDS dating profile - and which ones are best to save for face to face dating situations?

Perhaps you’ve been online dating for a little while yet you’re struggling to connect with the LDS singles you’d really like to match up with. Or maybe you have dipped your toe in but had a few difficult dating experiences. After an extended period of conversations that head nowhere fast, it’s tempting to blame the system and even the other LDS singles currently out there.

This article is here to support you through the chaos. This is the LDS dating guidance you’ve been looking for!

In case no one has told you recently; LDS dating is supposed to be a positive experience for you. It shouldn’t feel like a stressful part time job or a trial that needs to be overcome to get the result you’re hoping for. There really is a better way of doing LDS online dating that doesn’t involve anywhere near as much hassle as you might expect.

Sometimes, we all just need a supportive voice to guide us in the right direction.

There are some extremely simple but highly effective changes that you can implement within your online LDS dating profile today that could make all the difference to your level of romantic success. Starting with removing what doesn’t belong in your online dating profile!

Here are the 7 elements to avoid when building your profile, in order to let the very best of yourself shine through to other LDS singles:


1) Negative speech.

Have you ever come across someone’s profile and been initially attracted yet quickly put off by their attitude? Negative talk is highly unattractive both on and offline. Avoid sentences like, “I have had enough of time-wasters”, “look elsewhere if you are not temple worthy”, “I don’t know why I am on this LDS dating site’’ and similar. Even if you really have had enough of those sorts of LDS singles, stating this so aggressively in your profile bio will only serve to put off the higher quality LDS singles. Stick to narrative that celebrates the things you love and communicates a positive approach to meeting someone new.

2) Fluffy or non-specific writing.

If someone is seeking an eternal companion online they likely have an idea of what - and who - they are looking for. Help other LDS singles to know if you’re the right fit for them by being clear about your position. Vague statements that don’t what you are about. Examples of vague statements that we see all the time on TrueLDS: ‘I Like to have fun”, “I know the Church is true”, “I would like to meet somone honest and trustworthy”. These statements apply to literally all LDSsingles on TrueLDS, they do not set you apart from other LDSsingles. Be specific about your life and desires to save time - both yours and theirs! Your profile should spark enough interest that prospective LDS singles will want to know more about you. It should be a starting point for conversation - hopefully leading those all-important first dates in the near future!

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3) Mention of your past dating / relationship history.

It is perfectly okay (and healthily expected) to discuss your romantic history at some point during an in-person dating situation. However, an online profile is not an appropriate nor a wise place to share this kind of information about you. First of all, you want a potential romantic interest to view you as someone new, not someone else’s ex. Secondly, no matter how you broke things off with ex-partners of yours, there is really no need to drag any sense of negativity or bitterness (if any exists) into what should be a light and bright dating profile that is designed to attract other LDS singles. We all have a past - which is where it firmly belongs!

4) Poor quality images of you.

Photo images are KING (and QUEEN) in the online LDS dating world. Although attraction is ignited from a variety of personal elements, photos are the first image that a prospective dater will have of you. Therefore, blurry or outdated images are an absolute no-go. Hire an affordable local photographer to update your images. Or ask a trusted friend to take some well-lit and smiling photographs of you to upload. Images of you laughing are the faraway winners every time! This rule applies to your written descriptions also. Sloppily written narrative is as much of a deterrent as a badly taken profile image. Remove every elements of ‘bio blur’ to refine and improve your overall profile quality.

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5) Incorrect spelling and grammar.

Studies have shown repeatedly that poor language quality puts off prospective daters. In digital dating, singles don’t tend to need much reason to move on to another profile. Remove the risk of rejection by upgrading your use of language! You don’t have to be an aspiring novelist to write an impactful and ultimately successful dating profile bio. You don’t even need to be good at spelling! There are a whole host of spellchecker apps (such as Grammarly) that will easily help you to iron out any creases that may crop up in your online writing.

6) Demands of any kind

Describing your ideal future scenario can be a very attractive way of communicating who you are and what you want in life - and love! However, this is very different to using challenging statements such as, “I need you to be someone who will…”, ;If you are not a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ…” and similar. This is not online dating, after all. Other LDS singles don’t owe you anything at any stage of the dating process. Use light, bright sentences such as, “I’m looking forward to meeting the right faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ for me” and, “I have a lot to share with someone - now I just need the someone”. This approach will engage other LDSsingles far more than a shopping list of requirements will.


7) False information.

We live in a world of editing, tuning, and filters. Every smartphone and computer in existence comes with features built in to smooth, tone and altogether ‘perfect’ any photograph you might take. Although it might be tempting, resist the urge to turn yourself into someone you’re not. It will only lead to short-lived success as you’ll have to face reality eventually. The same applies for your profile data. Be proud of the life you have built. If you don’t like your job or feel it doesn’t represent you, then focus your profile on your faith and hobbies for the time being. You are an incredible, unique person with an array of gifts to offer. Let the world know!

LDS singles have faith.

More than anything—remain confident in the brilliant child of God you truly are. It’s impossible to inject every last piece of your personal character and passions into an online LDS dating profile. But it is entirely possible (as we have explored) to put yourself across in the best light possible in order to increase your chances of online LDS dating success.

You are reading this article for a strong reason. You actively chose to pursue romantic love for your future powered by a specific motivation. Your personal faith and your individual beliefs are a large part of that. In fact, perhaps it was your faith that brought you to read this article in the first place.

I am child of God

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is the ideal spot to find someone like minded with you!

So—what are you waiting for? There is a multitude of LDSsingles just waiting to meet you. Start making the positive changes you’ve learned about in this article to superpower your chances of success in the very near future. Who knows what - or who - could be right around the corner?

Hold on to your faith
, always. It won’t always be easy and it may not happen as rapidly as you might like. That’s the nature of dating in general, regardless of the type of dating situation. However, there is one thing we can guarantee - which is that it will always be worth every effort you dedicate to the endeavor.

Because really—what could be more valuable than the pursuit and experience of authentic love?