Szombathely, Vas, Hungary
About Me:

I am faithful, i am the only one in my family who belong to this church, in hungary is not so many churchmanber, but the temple is comming soon :)
I have two doughter, Villő who is 4 and Roda who is 1years old… they are for me the inportanst, my exhuseband leaved us half years ago and have no supervisory power.. i am active in the church i am the second Advisor by the RS. I love the dogs and cats and the traveling.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I would like to meet with somebody who knows that the importantst in the word is love God and love and serve in the family and outside the family..

Church of Jesus Christ:

My favorite scripture is the Moses 1 , and that is just up to date because , that is this week in the new come and follow me 2022.. when Moses realize that in him exist so much power- because he is created from God and in the image of God-; and because he is supported also with many invisible spirits-and with this power he is able for everything also to damage to say against the devil..