Manhattan, Kansas, United States
About Me:

I love adventure and find adventure in everything. Mortality is a great adventure. I am a great adventure. You are a great adventure. Talk to me.
I am am a complex thinker from a complex and well educated family, so i enjoy the complexities of the most simple adventure, for example the bugs and plants and birds and amphibians I see as i walk down to feed my mothers cats. God is an amazing artist and Kansas has infinite examples of his many masterpieces

So does wherever you are. You are one of his masterpieces. And you are the co-created of you.

I have several adult children, some have disabilities and complicated lives. my family is an adventure. My latest family adventure is taking care of my elderly parents. It is an honor and a privilege but very hard work

I love the outdoors and learning about new things. I love to converse through any media but especially in person, on a small profound adventure.

I prefer a balanced conversation , each partner sharing equally, but i can also monologue or listen.

I am open to all sorts of friends, friendship is a wonderful adventure and should be the foundation of marriage, on the middle ground between us, which is where God is.

I am in good health for my age and enjoy striving to improve my health. Sometimes. When I’m in the mood.

I joined the church in my mid 20's

I love to study the Gospel and just about everything else. In college i studied Social science and anthropology ( and many other things) and literature. I am writing a novel. It started as a romance based on a short story i wrote in graduate school which my professor hated, but now though it is still the story of a romantic relationship it is more religious psychological philosophical and literary. Lately, I am studying Shakespeare because in my novel and one of the main characters is acting in a Shakespeare play with his father.

I love the temple but have not been able to be there since Covid. Prior to covid i went often. Its a longish drive and in a big city. City driving is terrifying. If you marry me ( or go on a road trip together just for adventure) you get to drive the cities and I drive the highways

I would love to serve a mission, but in the meantime i share the gospel by living the gospel. It’s an amazing adventure, even the difficult and painful parts and my many failings.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I would like to meet a man who plans to live a long healthy life having adventures together, continually striving together with joy to be a better person and a better companionship and live a Christ-centered life serving others.

I like people who are spontaneously honest, who like themselves well enough to not try to impress people. Why dress up and pose a fancy profile picture? A random selfy of what you look like right this second shows more truth.

Currently i am taking care of my parents helping them to hopefully stay in their home the rest of their lives. So for
The next several years my companion would need to want to
Help me with that adventure be for we set out on our own adventures together

Church of Jesus Christ:

I came from a non-religious family but in my early 20s was seeking a relationship with God. I felt his presence throughout my life. Then misionaries knocked on my door mid-afternoon and i sent them away because i was sleeping. They came back later and discussed with me for several months. I decided to give it a try and I have loved it every step of the way.

My comprehension of the gospel is continually deepening. it is a joyful adventure.

my favorite scripture is where Jesus tells us to Love God with all our heart, mind, and soul, and to love all his children including ourselves. This Is the essential foundation of the Gospel.

The message of scripture is more important than the chapters and numbers, and the message is infused into every chapter and verse.

I also love the prophet, the temple, the sacrament, the opportunities to serve, and many other aspects of His church.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
In the future 
Temple Status:
Temple Recommend 
Church Attendance:
Body type:
5' 1" 
A little gray 
Social Setting:
Better in small groups 
Sense of humor:
Political Views:
Middle of the road 
Art, Church activities, Church / Community service, Crafts, Dancing, Family, Gaming, Gardening, Health / Fitness, Photography, Reading, Religion, Travel, Visiting the temple 
Home and family
Marital status:
Have kids:
Yes - but not at home 
Want (more) kids:
Living situation:
Less than $24,999 
Looking For:
Professional life
Bachelor's degree 
Employment status: