Hansen, Idaho, United States
About Me:

I'm from a small town in Idaho and I love the open air that I have. I love being able to look at the stars at night. I love the smell of rain and the sounds of thunder. I am a very up beat person. I love to smile and laugh. I also I'm a hopeless romantic. (Apparently my whole family is lol, but i am one of the few who LOVES Hallmark films.) I always see the bright side of every situation even when its hard to see it. Feel free to message me and ask questions. I'm open to questions and inquiries. *I am very guarded and have a hard time letting my guard down. I feel it is only fair to state that right off the back.
I love music! I play the piano and I'm not like Mozart or Back (which are my favorite composers along with Chopin) but I hold my own. :) I also love going out with my camera and taking pictures of the beauty in Idaho and of my friends and family. I like trying new things, especially food. :) Never can go wrong with Chinese good. Although, I am partial to sushi. My taste in music is wide and varies. My go-to music is usually Kpop, but I also enjoy Celtic Thunder, Reik, and much more. Feel free to ask. I love Chick Flicks, Suspenseful movies, Anime, Asian Dramas, and much more that I could list but I would have to ruin the mystery I may have. (As if I'm mysterious. I'm an open book :) ) Feel free to ask me anything. :)

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I am looking for someone who is trustworthy, respectful, funny, patient temple recommend holding priesthood holder. Someone who will I can be an equal with as we continue on in life and into eternity.

Church of Jesus Christ:

I have been a member of the church all my life and it has blessed me beyond measure. I may not have a lot but I have everything I need.
I know that the church is true, that Heavenly Father and Jesus reigns through living prophets today and guide us to be better and who we can be. I am grateful for the atonement that as I make mistakes I have an opportunity to ask for forgiveness and try to be better and draw closer to Father and Jesus.