Houston, Texas, United States
About Me:

I love family and friends and children. I am a schoolteacher and love working with my third grade students. My three sons are grown and I have one granddaughter.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I love the church, and would like to have a true spiritual leader in my life. The priesthood is such a powerful and wonderful aspect of the gospel and I want that in my home. I haven't dated in almost ten years, so I am not exactly what a first date would look like, but maybe something low key that would allow conversation.

Church of Jesus Christ:

The restored Gospel is everything! To be honest, I have not been in attendance as often as I would like since the pandemic, but that is where another person could be an inspiration. Life has given me my testimony. Faith, Hope, Love and Obedience are so important. My favorite part is that we love everyone, focus on all that is right and good and that we can be with our loved ones through all eternity. It is difficult to choose one favorite scripture. I love John 3:16, the 23rd Psalm, Philippians 4:13 and Psalm 118:24.