Meet risingnshouting , 49, Man from Utah, United States and other LDS singles.


Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
About Me:

Spiritually strong, won't have to worry about my testimony getting wobbly during difficult times. Healthy, high EQ, prefer transparency, love my life as it is, but trying to improve myself and my circumstances. Career is great, love love love my job and the team I work with and that work for me. Been self employed most of my adult life, enjoying a new thing - job - last 7 years.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

I hope you have an unshakable testimony, easily forgive others, are open to 'inner work' and 'self improvement', and believe in the 'maximum freedom' from government control President Oaks spoke about in April 2021 Gen Conf. I hope you have goals and dreams I can help you achieve, and expect you to help me obtain my dreams as well. Looking for a full partner, someone I can bounce ideas off of and take counsel from.

Church of Jesus Christ:

Not a fan of the prevalent 'Mormon' culture in Salt Lake. (Mormon - not LDS) I love general conference and attending the temple. Last couple years I have really gotten into studying faith - the kind that actually brings about miracles. It has profoundly changed my life. Joseph Smith taught what the 3 requirements are to have that kind of faith. One is to have a correct idea of the characteristics, attributes and perfections of our Father in Heaven. When I considered there was never a time in scripture where Christ denied the request of a faithful person to be healed, or to receive any miracle they asked for, (water to wine for a party) I realized in the vast majority of cases, it is not God's will that I suffer through some affliction . . . it is my lack of faith. This profoundly impacted my desire to be far more righteous in the most authentic way possible. No more 'doing good' . . . I wanted to become good. I've got a very long way to go, but I have faith in the love of my Savior and the plan of redemption which allows me to grow as fast as I can, and doesn't require me to go any faster than I am able. I LOVE the gospel!