Lehi, Utah, United States
About Me:

I'm in the Air Force, half way through my training to be a Chaplin. I'm romantic, genuine, and a lot of fun. I enjoy practicing the gospel. Huge heart, morality, common sense, humor, intelligence, responsibility, loyalty, hard work, spontaneity, love of animals, music, and family, good communicator, and caring and affectionate. Loves the outdoors and is neither overbearing or possessive. Not a liberal bleeding heart and not a fervent conversative Someone who can think independently and is in the middle. While I may not be in great shape, I am health conscious, enjoy volunteering, and enjoy interacting with people. I get along well with God. I enjoy traveling and am capable of doing so. I am encouraging and supportive. When necessary, sassy.

LDS singles I'd Like to Meet:

In addition to having wonderful chemistry, I am drawn to women with strong spiritual convictions—vivacious, gifted people with discernment, charity, grace, character, compassion, and humility. I enjoy conversing with smart, humorous, and conversational people who are also level-headed. I look up to women who enjoy life to the fullest, love having children and being a mother, and who don't take themselves too seriously. I'm always looking to meet folks who have at least a few things in common with me in terms of outlooks and hobbies. I adore being among ladies who are solidly founded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and who feel as though they have a feeling of destiny and purpose.

Church of Jesus Christ:

Convert in England when I was 16. Where I learned that in addition to translating the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith recorded other revelations he received from God. These help me to make a decision to serve a mission in Washignton Tacoma. If you have a rock solid testimony grounded in the Faith, then we should definitely get to know each other :)